I work from either color or b/w photos which can be emailed to me.  It is nice when I have a few photos to choose from or work from.

I find soulful expressions intriguing. Facial expression can reach into a person’s soul. Typical expressions I like to convey in a portrait can be a person’s strength, sorrow, a sense of smugness, helplessness, joy or defiance.

My paintings tend to blend the old with the new, the ethereal with the paint strokes, and also express a mixed sentiment, all which carry with it emotional tension. I believe we all have, to some extent, a longing to break free from emotional tension and constrictions in our lives. My paintings will trigger this longing through a sense of nostalgia and a feeling of loneliness or a whisper of joy. This restlessness in our souls helps us realize our personal gifts, making life more meaningful and giving us a sense of purpose. These are lofty aspirations for an artist to convey, but this is the challenge I choose to take on when I paint a portrait.

I am humbly flattered you are considering I paint a portrait (or any painting for that matter) for you. It is an honor. I look forward to hearing from you.

Pricing -
5x5 - 120   
5x7 - 175
6x8 - 200
8x10 - 450
9x12 - 525
11x14 - 650
12x16, 14x14 - 750
16x16, 14x18 - 825

I am happy to quote larger sizes. For more than one person it is $25 more in the smaller sizes. 11x14 and larger the prices remain the same.

The following are some completed commissions: