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Two Trees 7x15 pastel
Three Trees 7x16 pastel
Orange Leaves Purple Road 20x17 pastel
May Fog  14x11 pastel
Early Spring Trees 10x7 pastel
Top Of Lime Quarry 10x10 pastel
Wedge of Birches 12x9 pastel
Sliver Shadows 11x14 pastel
Birches Cramer Park 14x11 pastel

Forsythia and Barn 14x11 pastel SOLD

Wet in Woods 11x14 oil
Tall Trees 16x12 pastel
Scrubby Woods 16x12 pastel
Stream in Woods 24x18 pastel
Bare Rock 14x11 pastel
Early  Spring Woods 16x12 pastel SOLD
Pond and Yellow Shed 16x12 pastel SOLD
Canoe and Reeds 18x14 Mixed

Cut Path in Field 24x18 oil
Red Barn thru Trees 20x16 oil

8x10 Blue Awning

7x14 Light in Woods SOLD

32x12 Venice in Afternoon
12x9 Wildflower Field 
20x16 Marsh with Sapling  SOLD
10x8 Machine Shop
40x32 Barn in Mill Yard

10x8 Sparse Trees SOLD

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