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On N On, 12x16
Green Dress, 14x11 SOLD

Three Dresses, 29x18 SOLD

Lil Pink Dress, 24x24 SOLD

Big Sis, 28x28 SOLD

Peacock Scarf, 24x18

The Puppy, 36x29 SOLD

Red V, 28x20

Rose Bow, 24x16

Bow Tie, mixed,  22x14
A Stroll, 16x16, pastel/collage sold
Surveyors, 14x14, oil/collage sold
Leather Band, Mixed, 18x18
Pink Belt, 24x16, sold
The Hangover, 16x16, sold
It's About the Book 16x30 sold
Blue Hair 8x14 SOLD
On Bench in Gown SOLD

On the Dock 14x23 SOLD
Four Blue Buttons 12x12 mixed $350
Black Hair 16x20 mixed SOLD
On the Court 11x14 pastel SOLD
Pink Wig and Earring 11x14 oil SOLD
Bundled Up 8x10 oil SOLD
Flamin' Red 16x20 mixed SOLD
Fur Collar 12x16 mixed SOLD
Something Over There 11x14 mixed
Sittin on Bench 8x10 mixed SOLD
11x14 Lot on Her Mind #2 mixed SOLD
11x14 Lot on Her Mind mixed SOLD
11x14 In the Den SOLD
8x10 Flower and Sunhat mixed SOLD
8x10  Coat and Sunhat mixed  SOLD
12x9  Boat Launch mixed SOLD
16x12  14 Years of Age mixed
5x4  Little Boy Portrait mixed  SOLD
28x42 Pink Pinafore $1400
28x36 Two Hunters mixed $1200
8x10 White Bow in Hair mixed SOLD
16x20  Log Bench mixed SOLD
8x10  Red Hat  mixed SOLD
8x12  Pink Dress mixed SOLD
5x7 The Necklace mixed SOLD
16x20 Clutches and Hats  SOLD
16x20  Pink Veil  SOLD
16x20  Big Hair 

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