mixed media WORKSHOP

Midcoast Maine 3 Day Workshops
This is an introduction to oil paint* and collage - a mixed media 3 day workshop
*acrylic may also be used 

   Paper collage encourages creativity and freedom in your paintings. Oil is a forgiving medium that allows the collage to play a significant role. The process is fun, exciting and liberating.
   The workshop will be about the basics of composition, color theory - mixing color, using warm and cool color effectively, color relationships, using color and value to make your paintings vibrate, and understanding reasons for the choosing and placement of paper.
   It is encouraged you bring reference photos to work from. All materials can be supplied (for a fee) unless you prefer to bring your own. 
These workshops tend to be small and intimate. I hold them in my studio. Depending on the weather, they can be inside or out in the barn.

Workshop runs Fri-Sun, 10-4
 July 27-29;   Aug 31-Sept 2;  Oct 26-28

Beech Hill Gallery, Rockport, Maine 
Price $300,   Materials fee $30

Call 603-533-3757 or email  kwilsonpaint@gmail.com
Rockport and Camden (once one town), each with their own harbor, have the feel of one community.
Katie received her art degree at the University of NH and has exhibited in the northeast and southwest Florida where she has received a number of awards for her mixed media portraits, including Best of Show. Katie’s creative and intuitive approach to color, pattern and brush stroke establishes the direction of  her workshop. You will learn what lies below the surface of your own sense of creativity.

Camden/Rockport/Rockland is an artistically dynamic and historical area on midcoast Maine. Camden and Rockport have a longstanding reputation as an artists' community, with notable artists and art institutions playing a significant role in the towns' economic and social life. Rockport was the home of Andre the Seal, who was a significant tourist attraction in Rockport Harbor until his death in 1986. Rockport is also known for its Belted Galloway cattle. The cattle are raised at the 140-year-old Aldermere Farm. Camden Opera House is host to a variety of shows year-round. Schooners sail out of both the Rockport and Camden harbors to enjoy the beauty of Penobscot Bay - beautiful rocky shoreline, hidden mansions, small islands, light houses, seals and lobster boats at work. Rockland is home to the Farnsworth Museum and the Wyeth Center.

Beech Hill Gallery in the barn, Rockport Maine

" I LOVED the workshop! I learned exactly what I was looking for ---- simply have fun and have courage!! And Know that you can always keep it going until you get something you like!"

"... an excellent teacher. Gentle and nudging, and quick to know when encouragement is enough or when demonstration is what's needed."

"This was the best workshop I've been to."

"Usually I'm apprehensive at workshops, but I didn't feel that way at this one." 

"The 3-day weekend was one of the best gifts I've given myself.  To be so immersed in your process was such a treat."

"I've done a lot of workshops. This one was by far the best." 


Half of payment will secure your position in a workshop. Balance is due two weeks before scheduled workshop. You can send check or request I email a Paypal invoice. 

You can bring your own materials, but I will provide them (except brushes) for $30 if more convenient. Bring brushes suitable for working on 6x8 to 8x10 size panels – flat, bright or round (I use all)

Materials List
These are the oil colors I have in my studio:
Major colors: (warm and cool shade of each of the 3 primary colors)
Alizarin crimson (cool – a little on the purple side)
Cadmium Red Light (warm – a little on the orange side)
Ultramarine Blue (cool) 
Phthalo or Prussian Blue (warm)
Cadmium Yellow Medium (warm)
Lemon Yellow (cool)
Titanium White
Ivory Black

Other colors I like to use:

Indian Red

Indian Yellow

Dioxazine purple

Burnt umber

Burnt sienna

Sap green

Transparent red iron oxide

Napthol red

Minimal palette:

Titanium white

phthalo blue

cad yellow

Indian red

Turpenoid (odorless mineral spirits) and can

Refined linseed oil (used with turpenoid for medium)

Raphael’s Miracle Muck (glue)

Clear gesso

Assorted paper (collage)

Rags or Viva paper towels

Asst. brushes and palette knife


Asst. canvas boards 6x8, 8x10 (You may end up doing 3 or more paintings.)

Latex/acrylic gloves
You provide your own lunch, but I will have some nibbles and coffee, etc. for those who don't want to venture out once in the groove.

There are variety of places in the area to stay. A couple suggestions are Island View Inn (seasonal) or Strawberry Hill Seaside both in Rockport and both on the ocean. Also right next door to me is Starlight Lodge.

My mailing address is:

364 Commerical St.

Rockport, ME 04856